"ProfHim" LTD is a reliable and responsible supplier of industrial chemicals on the territory of the Russian Federation. ProfHim is a member of the group of companies founded in 2001 continuing the best traditions of service quality and dynamic development. For more than 11 years, our company has been conducting foreign trade activities for the procurement of industrial and food chemicals. The main priority for us is to build mutually beneficial relations in the field of supplies of chemical raw materials. An example of such relations is active cooperation with the following companies:

The geography of our supplies covers the whole territory of Russia, from Kaliningrad to the Far East and to optimize the performance, we have many of own regional warehouses.

Valuable experience with foreign and domestic manufacturers is constantly leading us to the development of partnerships. We are dealers of a plenty of manufacturers, and have representatives in the Peoples Republic of China. Our development plan envisages the opening of an enterprise for the production of chemical raw materials together with our Chinese partners. Highly qualified specialists of our company are always ready to prepare the best offers for you!